Intro to Needlepointing

Interior designer and owner of Exquisite Designs of Fremont, California, Linda Sabeh is a detail-oriented designer skilled in the use of color and texture. An artistic individual in both her professional and personal life, Linda Sabeh enjoys engaging in needlepoint in her free time. 

Needlepoint is an inexpensive form of embroidery that is both fun and easy to learn. It requires very few startup materials: scissors, fabric, a needlepoint frame, tapestry needles, a design, and canvas. A needlepoint canvas is a blank even-weave meshes that comes in various sizes. For beginners, many recommend a stable “interlock” canvas that is less likely to distort. The wooden needlepoint frame is simple a tool to keep the canvas taut.

Designs can be purchased from any craft store or even drawn or painted onto the canvas by hand. A design with solid blocks of color is recommended for beginners. There are a few common stitches used in needlepoint, the most common of which is called a tent stitch. Online tutorials explaining stitching techniques are easy to find. In order to perfect the stitching techniques, practice on a spare piece of canvas in order to correctly gauge tension. Many craft stores and online vendors sell beginner kits with everything needed to venture into the fine craft of needlepoint.

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